AHHHHH aging off!!!

today i was playing my game and got through quite a bit, as u can see. i was confused why it said for the babies ‘3 days until aging up’ but they didnt…THEN IT HIT ME

my friend had been playing my game and TURNED OFF AGING!!! i feel like a cheat. now my posts are slightly off! AHHHHH!!! im flipping out!

just thought i should tell yall.


Narration #9: Wedding Bells//Generation Three!

posts will continue to be posted in ‘Generation Numero Uno’ until Parker passes away________

Since Lauren has been going through tough times lately, I granted her a makeover. She felt inclined to get extentions and blue highlights, not to mention change up her clothes a bit.

Screenshot-26-1.jpg picture by kellas904

But anyways, back to the story. The day finally came! Kenji’s birthday. Lauren immediately took action and invited him over. They had a great reunion…perhaps too great.

Screenshot-28-1.jpg picture by kellas904 Screenshot-31-2.jpg picture by kellas904 Screenshot-29-1.jpg picture by kellas904

Lauren began feeling nauseous and then noticed a bit of weight gain…

The next day, she realized that in all of their happy love-making, Lauren got pregnant. Not quite sure what to do, she consulted her mother, who in turn had no advice whatsoever. So she just decided to come out with it and tell her beloved, who took it rather well.

Screenshot-32-2.jpg picture by kellas904 Screenshot-40-1.jpg picture by kellas904 Screenshot-41-1.jpg picture by kellas904 Screenshot-42-1.jpg picture by kellas904

The next day, Lauren proposed to Kenji and he said yes! They gathered in Central Park with all of their friends and family, including one of her best friends, Rowina. And it was kind enough for Parker to attend, dispite him still holding a grudge against her for cheating on Kenji (which he was also nice enough not to mention to him) So when the time came, they said their vows and exchanged their rings. She was just sad that her mother didn’t get to witness the ceremony. But  a pregnant bride? How scandalous!

Screenshot-43-1.jpg picture by kellas904 Screenshot-44-1.jpg picture by kellas904 Screenshot-47.jpg picture by kellas904 Screenshot-48.jpg picture by kellas904 Screenshot-49-1.jpg picture by kellas904

But just as Lauren was heading home from her wedding, the stork decided to pay a visit to the Fredrickson family. A few hours later, out popped beautiful baby girl, Leena, who was born with the traits athletic and (the family trait) brave. And thus, Generation Three began.

Screenshot-50-1.jpg picture by kellas904 Screenshot-51-1.jpg picture by kellas904

Aside from the baby coming, Kenji got a total makeover once he moved in. he took advantage of The Body Sculptor and decided to change up his hair and wardrobe. (Yummalicious!)

Screenshot-53-1.jpg picture by kellas904 Screenshot-54-1.jpg picture by kellas904 Screenshot-56.jpg picture by kellas904


New baby Leena was certainly a lot of work. Kenji pitched in quite a lot because, frankly, Lauren couldn’t take it much longer. Of course, Kenji didn’t necessarily enjoy taking on a bigger role, but he coped.

Screenshot-52.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-60-1.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-57-1.jpg picture by kellas904

But once things started getting routine, suddenly Lauren wasn’t feeling well. Crap, she thought not again! She know this could only mean one thing in Sunset Valley. Her eggo was preggo, if you catch my drift.

Screenshot-65-1.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-66.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-68.jpg picture by kellas904

Kenji was very excited. Het just loved interacting with Lauren’s stomach!  The couple entered the hospital expecting a lovely little girl, just like all of the Fredrickson family births, but instead came out with two precious, little boys. Twins.

Screenshot-70.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-69.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-71.jpg picture by kellas904

Their names are Carson and Christopher. Christopher is a loner and a heavy sleeper, and Carson hates the outdoors and is a couch potato, just like his father. Three new babies is definitely going to be a huge handful, i have have confidence in the Fredricksons. I’m positive that they can do it, just not on how much sleep they’re going to receive.

 Screenshot-74-1.jpg picture by kellas904

And now…how will the family manage to raise three kids? Will Kenji and Lauren finally STOP their frivolous woohooing? Are Parker and Lauren going to make up before his time expires? For the answers to these pointless, yet suspenseful questions, keep your eyes out for post #10!


Narration #8: Back Stabbery//Eat Your Heart Out

catching up, this may be a tad long______________________________________________

So Rowina had finally packed up and headed out for good.

Screenshot-14-3.jpg picture by kellas904

Lauren was beginning to have doubts about how long she could wait for Kenji, so she explored her options…she invited her “friend” over to her house (notice the sexy outfit, *wink* *wink*). Unfortunately, Parker and Olivia weren’t too happy about this…this back-stabbery. So that put things on a bad note.

Screenshot-19-1.jpg picture by kellas904   Screenshot-20-3.jpg picture by kellas904


Then one sunny day, in fact the day of the big Grill-A-Thon, a terrible tragedy happened. Suddenly over all of the joyous merriment, a slight darkness fell and horrifying music filled the air. Immediatly I returned to the Legacy House to see what all the commotion was about, and as soon as I got there, I saw the worst sight possible. The Grim Reaper standing over a grave, shaking hands with my founder.

Screenshot-27.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-23-2.jpg picture by kellas904

The begining of this legacy has finally come to end with Olivia at 103 years (days) old. By the time I had snapped out of my shock and bewilderment, (shock at the death, bewilderment at the fact that ol’ Grimmy was playing video games) Parker and Lauren had already recieved the news.

Screenshot-24.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-26.jpg picture by kellas904

Considering the disagreement between Olivia and her daughter, it was definitely Lauren that was knocked off balance by this loss. The last words exchanged by these two were unkind, and she felt so terrible, that she sat around for days doing nothing but eating. Eating her heart out.

Screenshot-29.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-31-1.jpg picture by kellas904

She definately took a hit for a few days. Deep depression, overweight-ness, and to top it all of, not having her boyfriend or father around to comfort her. But one day she decided to start getting back on her feet , beginning with The Body Sculptor Olivia had left to the family.

Screenshot-30-1.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-37-1.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-38-1.jpg picture by kellas904

Weeks later, things finally started turning around for the remaining Fredricksons. Of course, occasionally they would cry over the loss or go out and visit the grave, sometimes Parker would even tango (not literally) with her ghost. But most of this just made it harder to move on.

Screenshot-32-1.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-41.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-42.jpg picture by kellas904

So will Lauren finally get her Kenji back? Who will be the next Fredrickson to go? Will I stop getting behind on posts? Keep checking back for updates!!


Narration, #7: The First of…Many?//Choosing the Heir

like 2 posts compliled into one. _______________________________________________

Well, Olivia painted Rowina as the official first Fredrickson family portrait. Another point!

Screenshot-7-3.jpg picture by kellas904

And guess what! Lauren has a boyfriend! I know, he’s not the most attractive choice, but she loves him dearly and he makes her happy. (His name is Kenji) But at least their outfits match!

Screenshot-8-5.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-6-2.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-7-4.jpg picture by kellas904

So I guess up next is Rowina! She’d better get movin, cuz on Lauren’s very next birthday, I will be choosing the first heir!


So Parker had his birthday, and unfortunately, then came his portrait. In the house now hangs Rowina (young adult), Lauren (teen), Olivia, and Parker (both elder).

Screenshot-8-4.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-13-1.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-15-5.jpg picture by kellas904

Now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…Lauren Fredrickson’s 20th birthday (estimation). Music played and sparks flew as the transition took place. While Lauren analyzed her new body, I knew the decision had to be made… (yes, it was really that dramatic)

Screenshot-10-2.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-11-2.jpg picture by kellas904

And, the first, perhaps most important, new HEIR is *drum roll*…Lauren Marie Fredrickson! (that’s right, she has a middle name.) So I guess you’re wondering why I chose Lauren. Well, it’s because of her traits. They were much, much better than Rowina’s. Lauren is a brave, clumsy, ambitious, genius, neat young lady. Where as Rowina is mean-spirited, sloppy, clumsy, brave, and…good? Yes, good. But still, Lauren takes the cake on this one!

Unfortunately, she is now a young adult and her boyfriend is still stuck in his teenage years. That makes things a tad awkward!

Screenshot-12-2.jpg picture by kellas904

So sad, but intense! Will Lauren wait for Kenji? How will Rowina take this blow? Are the final days for the founder approaching? Stay tuned!


Narration #6: My, my, my…

wow, i just played my legacy for about 4 hours straight…and I’m totally behind in posts. *Gasp!* (This entry is VERY MUCH summarized.)


First of all, Lauren Grew into a toddler! She’s (luckily) Brave and Clumsy. Parker and Olivia took turns teaching her how to walk, talk, and use the potty.

Screenshot-44.jpg picture by kellas904

Very soon after Lauren’s birthday, it was Parker’s turn! He’s now a full adult, as was Olivia. And almost miraculously, Lauren had yet another birthday. After all of these birthdays, the Fredricksons had a real family dinner with no highchair and everyone sitting all together.

Screenshot-49.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-54.jpg picture by kellas904

Although the heir has yet to be determined, Rowina had her birthday and was now capable of living out on her own. But until Lauren has her birthday to adulthood, both will continue to live in the Legacy house.

Screenshot-61.jpg picture by kellas904

Time passed with these sims as usual. Parker got promoted in his Law Enforcment career and Rowina joined Journalism. Then, once again, Lauren had a birthday, but only into a teenager.

Screenshot-65.jpg picture by kellas904

But anyways, I’ve been trying to increase Olivia’s art skill so she can paint portraits, but while she was in the midst of painting, the moment I’d been dreading finally arrived. She grew up into an elder. I have been hoping and praying that this day would not come, but indeed, it has, and soon to follow will, regretably, be her death…time is running out  for Generation One! As is already has for Olivia’s good friend, Nick Alto.

Screenshot-32.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-33.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-62-1.jpg picture by kellas904

Lots has been happening around Sunset Valley for the Fredricksons, and there’s more yet to come!


New Format

Hey guys! Just lettin y’all know that I’ll be occasionally switching formats!

So as you proabably (hopefully) know that currently I’m posting in diary form, but I’m just switching to narration. I think I’m gonna switch every so often, so here are the different formats/styles I’ll be using (so far):

  • Diary
  • Narration
  • Interaction

Diary Entry #5: The Scandal

Dear Diary,

First of all, I let my hair grow out!

Screenshot-5-5.jpg picture by kellas904

But…I feel a bit guilty…

 Screenshot-7-1.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-8-3-1.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-9-1.jpg picture by kellas904

Yes, yes, I know! That’s not Parker. It’s Gage Briody. It wasn’t originally my intention to cheat, but Gage is just so….*sigh*.

But anyways, I suppose I’ve let my self go a bit since having Lauren.

Screenshot-11-1.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-12-1.jpg picture by kellas904

But Rowina did finally age into a teenager. Although, I couldn’t appreciate the birthday or birthday party much, considering I spent all day and night out on the town with Gage and got hardly any sleep, Lauren was screaming her head off, and Parker was a work.

Screenshot-13.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-14-2.jpg picture by kellas904  Screenshot-15-2.jpg picture by kellas904 

Lauren is definately a crier. She cries 3 times as much as Rowina cried, and the whole house is lacking sleep.

 Screenshot-17-1.jpg picture by kellas904

So I suppose things are getting better, but for the time being, it’s still a challenge.



F to the R to the E to the D…rickcson

hola, me amigos, this be my legacy!
i know it's not great...but i plan to make it interesting. oh yes!! very very interesting...mwahahahaha!!!! so what are you expecting?
violence? scandal?? murder??? CORRUPTION????
you'll see [:<

Points in a Nutshell:

Generation: 3
Portriat: 5
LTW: 1
LTH: 0
Legacy House:0
Total: 9